Online resources to keep sport linked

Whether you're a Boomer, a Diamond, or just a diamond in the rough in terms of your ability, it's tough going when you can't get out there and play the sport you love. 

In a bid to stop you going stir crazy and pick up where you left off when this is over, we're seeking to provide online options. Check out these for starters;

NetFit & Netball Australia offer a 'day in the life' pro netballer experience in real time every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This features workouts, skills, fitness, nutrition and cooking hacks, wellbeing and recovery workshop and an elite netballer appearance. This will continue until 22 May.

In conjunction with the NBA, the HomeCourt app provides a host of drills to help players sharpen their skills at home during this unfortunate layoff. Recognising the current circumstances all features have been unlocked for free until the end of April.

Meanwhile, No Limits Basketball have posted 7 free sessions on their Facebook page.

Please remember to train within the social distancing parameters so we can all get back on the court as soon as possible!