Terms & Conditions of Hire


The Hirer: Refers to the user group hiring the facilities at Sportlink.

The Facility: Refers to the area of Sportlink, 2 Hanover Road, Vermont South.

Agreement for Hire

The agreement is binding upon acceptance/ signing of these terms and conditions by the hirer as set out below. 

Hiring Charges

Invoices must be paid within 14 days of the date of the invoice. Sportlink reserves the right to vary their charges from time to time without notice. All charges are subject to increase July 1 each year. All bookings must conclude in accordance with the booking contract. Bookings exceeding the specified closing times of the Facility, for any hour or part thereof, will incur the full hourly hire rate plus any associated staffing costs.


Sportlink reserves the right to refuse any application to hire any part of the Facility without stating any reason for the refusal. 

Confirmation and Cancellation of Permanent Bookings and Room Bookings

A Booking Application Form must be submitted at least 10 days prior to the required booking date to allow for processing time. If the booking space is available, confirmation of the booking will be issued in writing. Cancellation of a booking must be received no later than 8 days prior to the booking. Cancellations with less than 8 days notice will incur the full cost of the booking. All cancellations must be in writing.  

Casual Bookings and Cancellations

Casual bookings may be placed by phone or in person, up to four weeks in advance. Cancellations must be received the day prior to the booking date. A cancellation fee equalling 50% of the bookings value will be applied to the customer for cancellations made on the same day. Customers with a casual booking that goes unattended without cancellation will incur the full cost of the booking. 

Cancellation and Closure by Sportlink

Sportlink may cancel the Hirer’s booking or close the facility at any time if in its reasonable opinion:

(a) The facility may be unduly damaged by use for the hiring purpose(s);

(b) The facility will be unfit for use during the period of hire; or

(c) The hirer fails to comply with the terms and conditions of hire.

If Sportlink cancels the hirers booking under clause(s) a or b, Sportlink will consult with the hirer and endeavour to reach agreement on an alternative period of hire suitable to both parties. The hirer will be refunded for any fees or deposit paid, for the affected time only. 

In addition, Sportlink will close the facility at any time in the event of an emergency or training drill requiring evacuation of the facility or part there of. The hirer is expected to follow Sportlink staff procedures at all times in case of an emergency. The hirer will be refunded any fees for the hire time affected by the evacuation only. 


Sportlink management reserves the right to refuse admission to, or remove from the Facility, any persons not following these terms and conditions or the conditions of entry into the centre.  

Hirer’s Obligations

The hirer:

(a) Will pay such further charges as determined by management on demand if:

(i) Any part of Sportlink other than the facility hired is used by the hirer; or

(ii) The facilities are used by the hirer outside the period of hire

(b) Will, during the period of hire, obey all instructions given by Sportlink management as to the use of, and access to and from, the facility.

(c) Will adequately supervise and control all persons associated with their booking during the Period of Hire.

(d) Will leave the facility, including any change rooms, toilets and showers, in a clean and tidy condition.

(e) Will provide adequate resources to assist Sportlink staff with set up of equipment prior to and pack up at the conclusion of the booking as required.

(f) Will not bring, or permit to be brought into the facility, any alcoholic beverage.

(g) Will not bring, or permit to be brought into the facility, any external catering without prior written consent from Sportlink management. See catering clause below.

(h) Will not alter, move or remove any fixtures, fittings or furnishings in the facility without prior consent from the centre coordinator. This includes affixing items whether by adhering, nailing or screwing to any surface in the facility.

(i) Will abide by the Extreme Heat Guidelines set for all Whitehorse City Council leisure facilities. Details regarding stadium activity cancellation due to extreme heat, is available upon request.

Damage to Sportlink

The hirer agrees to pay Sportlink on demand the cost of repairing any damage to the facility, including the loss of any equipment or lost revenue during repairs, incidental to the hirer’s hiring. 


The facility has the right to request a bond from hirers upon confirmation of their booking. The bond amount may vary depending on areas of the facility hired or type of function. The bond will be refunded on completion of the event and satisfactory inspection of all areas hired. The facility has the right to withhold the bond in the event that the hirer caused damage/loss and refund any remaining monies after repairs are carried out. If damages exceed the bond, the hirer will pay the facility any outstanding repair costs and loss of income as under ‘Damages to Sportlink’ clause. 

Event/ Tournament Cancellation Policy

Due to high demand for facilities at Sportlink, a cancellation policy applies. 

  • A 20 per cent deposit is non-refundable upon confirmation of your booking.
  • The hirer of events/ tournaments will be invoiced for 50 per cent of the value of the booking if cancellation occurs within 28 days of the program date.The hirer must pay 100 per cent of the value of the booking if cancellation occurs within eight days of the program date.
  • If the deposit is not received within seven days of the booking confirmation, the booking may be cancelled.
  • All cancellations must be in writing. Cancellations cannot be accepted over the phone. 

First Aid and Incident Reporting

It is commonplace for hirers and associations to administer minor first aid. The centre provides first aid trained staff and are available to assist if required. In accordance with the OHS Act 2004 and Work Safe Victoria Guidelines all notifiable incidents that occur within the premises must be reported to Sportlink staff immediately (see Work Safe Vic website for full list of notifiable incidents). 

Lost Property

Sportlink is not responsible to the hirer for damage to or the loss, theft or removal of any property brought or left by any person in or upon any part of the Facility. The Hirer shall indemnify Sportlink against all demands, actions and proceedings in respect of any such damage, loss, theft or removal or any loss sustained by any person in consequence of such damage, theft or removal.


Sportlink is not responsible to the hirer for damage to or the loss, theft or removal of any motor vehicle or bicycle and the hirer shall indemnify Sportlink from and against all claims, demands, actions and proceedings in respect of any such damage loss, theft or removal or any loss sustained by any person in consequence of such damage, theft or removal. 


Sportlink does not allow the Hirer to bring off site catering into the Facility. Catering may be arranged onsite through the onsite Café contractor.  


Smoking is not permitted anywhere within Sportlink including all outdoor areas.  

Indemnity and Liability

The hirer must maintain a current Public Liability Insurance Policy in the name of the hirer, with a minimum level of cover being $10,000,000. The hirer is obligated to submit updated copies of insurance policies as they expire. The hirer hereby agrees to indemnify the facility, Whitehorse City Council and its servants and agents for any loss, demands, damages, expenses, claims, actions and suits brought for and arising out of or in any way connected to the acceptance and conduct of the hiring  

Please phone Sportlink on 9847 7111 with any queries.