Hire Rates

See below for peak and off peak hire rates for Sportlink facilities.

Indoor Court

Per hour / full court (peak) $54

Per hour / full court (off peak) $40.50
Per hour / half court (peak) $27
Per hour / half court (off peak) $20.30


Outdoor Court

Per hour $14


Badminton Court

Per hour (peak) $19.20
Per hour (off peak) $15.20

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Table Tennis

Per hour (peak) $17.80
Per hour (off peak) $14.00


Multipurpose Room

Per hour (community) $27
Per hour (commercial) $40.50


Casual Basketball Entry

Per person $5.00

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Casual Basketball Multipass
(10 visits for the price of 9)

Per person $45.00


Note: All rates include GST. The above hire rates are effective from 1 July 2017. Sportlink peak times are Monday to Friday from 5pm as well as all day Saturday and Sunday. All other times are off peak. Community rates apply to groups registered as non-profit organisations.

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